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Delilah Anna Daugherty

Delilah Anna Daugherty

1859 – 1927

Delilah Anna Daugherty was born September 18, 1859 on her parent’s farm in North Sewickley Township, Beaver County, PA. Delilah first appears in the census record for the year 1860 on July 21st. She is listed as 10/12 months of age. On the 1870 census taken June 15th she is listed as eight years old and attending school that year. By the time of the 1880 census she has married Charles Allinder and is living in Putnam County, WV. Charles and Delilah were married in Putnam County, WV on September 20, 1877. Charles was the son of Robert Allinder and Priscilla Workman. Charles was born in Fayette County, PA on August 4, 1859. William Moorehead was appointed to be trustee for John Daugherty and his sister Delilah. William Moorehead is the one who purchased for the benefit and use of John and Delilah 320 ½ acres of land in Putnam County, WV from Thomas Bond and his wife Ella. It is believed that William Moorehead was an uncle to John and Delilah. It is thought that the grandmother of John and Delilah, Nancy Daugherty was nee Moorehead or Allinder. Charles and Delilah had nine[1] children with six surviving to adulthood.

01. John Robert born July 16, 1878. Married Emma Luticia Priddy in 1901. He died August 3, 1959 in Marion, Ohio. He was a carpenter. Emma died in 1957.

02. Myrtle A.born February of 1881. Died between 1902 and 1910.

03. Walter Blane born August 19, 1884. Married A. Jessie (LNU). They divorced before 1942 with no children. Walter died in Columbus on October 7, 1969.

04. Della P. born August 24, 1887. Married Forest Minturn and William Wernert. Died in Manatee County, Florida, June 12, 1982.

05. Roscoe “Ross” Harry[2] born September 23, 1889. Married Mamie Ethel Steel.

06. Elizabeth “Lizzie” E. born August 13, 1898. Died September 24, 1931 in Cincinnati, OH. Married Charles Parker Williams from Gallia County, OH. Lizzie was a nurse. Lizzie and Charles were divorced before 1931.

Charles Allinder was a carpenter by trade. In 1910 Charles and Delilah had moved to Columbus, Franklin County, OH. Between 1900 and 1910 Myrtle A. Allinder had given birth to a daughter, Ruby Myrtle Jividen[3] who was born in 1902 in Putnam County, WV. In 1920 Charles Allinder and family are living in Gallia County, Ohio. Charles is listed as farming. Before his death on March 30, 1925 Charles and Delilah have removed to Columbus, Ohio. Delilah dies on April 07, 1927[4]. A copy of Delilah's obituary can be found here.

Charles Allinder and Pheobe J. Coulter, wife of John Daugherty, were distant cousins; they shared the same Workman family ancestry. Charles’s mother was Priscilla Workman and Pheobe’s grandmother was Pheobe Workman.

[1] On the 1910 census Delilah said she had 9 children total with 6 still living.

[2] He gives his name as Harry Roscoe and Roscoe Harry and at times as Ross Harry

[3] It is believed her father was a (Frank)lin Jividen. She later married a Mr. Rhoades in Columbus, OH.

[4] Charles Allinder was buried in Buffalo, WV at Bethel Church and Delilah was buried in Columbus, OH.

Delilah Anna Daugherty 1859 – 1927

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