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Milwaukee Free Press – May 4, 1909


Daniel Allender of Northport, Wis., claims to be the first white boy born in Milwaukee

There is an interesting mess of trouble bubbling over an old-fashioned dissension cauldron in that most decorous of all organizations in Milwaukee, the Old Settler’s Club. It is nothing more or less than that a claimant has arisen who says that he was the first white boy born in Milwaukee, an honor and for many years claimed by Charles Milwaukee Sivyer. Yes, and Mr. Sivyer is facing the pretensions of the claimant today, his seventy-third birthday.

Mr. Sivyer made a little speech on the subject last night at the monthly meeting of the Old Settlers’ Club. He said that he was ready to face “all the charges” leveled at him by one Daniel Allender, Northport, Wis., the man who claims he saw Milwaukee first. Mr. Allender says that he has proofs to convince old settlers here that he was the boy who made the first face at Milwaukee, rolled on his back and played with his pink toes long before Mr. Sivyer began to yell for nourishment. Wasn’t he there? He ought to know.

Sivyer Must Be “Shown”

Mr. Sivyer pointed out to his fellow club members last night that he had not been living in Milwaukee all those years, conveying the false impression that he was the first white boy born within the city limits. He said he came honestly by the belief that he was, he had been told so, but that he would gladly abdicate his throne of honor and distinction if the man from Northport could only prove his claim.

“Why didn’t he speak before?,” asked Mr. Sivyer, “That is what I’d like to know. He has at least had a seventy-three years to do it in. For he must be at least that old or he’ll have to stop talking. It isn’t possible that he was born earlier than I was, and he may have been born in this town. I don’t care. I am willing to face him and his proofs of records, and if they are found authentic I shall move to make him an honorary member of this club, and I shall have his picture hung on these here walls in a big frame. I don’t care who he is or what his business is, I’ll make way for him if he was born a minute or an hour or month before I was, and in this city, and there you are. I’ll be 73 years old tomorrow, and I am going to celebrate my birthday just as if nothing had happened.”

Whereupon President Kopmeier of the club congratulated Mr. Sivyer and expressed his wish that the club would see him a member for many years to come.

Tablet in Honor of Sivyer

The claim of Mr. Allender comes like a thunderbolt from a clear sky many years after the club had erected a bronze tablet to mark the spot on East Water street where Mr. Sivyer was born May 4, 1836. But the declaration of the Northport man has a special significance at the present time, for Milwaukee’s first born white boy will be a personage of uncommon distinction and rightfully so, at the home-coming in August.

Mr. Allender wrote to the club some time ago, saying that he was born on Kilbourn hill in 1831, but Henry W. Bleyer, historian of the club, is doubtful as to the claim, believing Mr. Allender to be mistaken.

A memorial on the death of Berthold F. Zion was read last night, and a committee consisting of J. O. Meyers. O. P. Dousman and E. R. Godfrey was appointed to a prepare-a-memorial for G. H. Fowler to be delivered at the next meeting of the club.

Will Prepare Club History

The club decided to recruit as many members in the near future as possible so as to increase the membership to 1,000 or 1,200. The membership is now about 400. Each member was urged to secure new applicants for membership. It was also decided to prepare a history of the club from its earliest days and a committee consisting of H. W. Bleyer, John G. Gregory, G. W. Young, and M. A. Boardman was appointed to work on this history. The committee on home-coming elected G. W. Young secretary of the committee, and will hold a meeting Wednesday night to discuss home-coming plans.

The following new members were elected: Alfred C. Cias, A. M. McGeoch, John T. Scollard, Eltinge Elmore, Charles W. Henning, Gen. Otto H. Falk, George Martin, Jr., Gustave A. Kletzsch, John Elff and Martin Waurznekawski.

Daniel Allender first white child born in Milwaukee.........

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