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Joseph Allender would have been born in 1770, according to a profile for age as shown on the US censuses for 1800-1830. On the US census 1830 he is shown with Dr. in front of his name.
He must have been the Joseph Allender who was awarded a land grant for his service as a surgeon in the War of 1812.
On the US Census 1800, Joseph is shown as head of houshold. In the newspaper of the time his marriage is reported as an event that happened on 29 Jan 1800 and the bride is named as Mary Biays, daughter of Major Joseph Biays. Last name often spelled as Bayas. This is in the same newspaper that the item concerning his father's death in 1796. So it is that his responsibilities as head of houshold already include a wife, and living with then a woman past 45, who could be his widowed mother, and his siblings. The age ranges are a little young for his sisters Mary (b. 1764) at age 16-25 and Elizabeth (b. 1768) at age 10-15, but the age range fits for his brother, William (b. 1782) at age 10-15. Also present are two children under the age of 10, a boy (Joseph, b. 1800) and a girl (they might have lost this child, or the age of the girl, Elizabeth, is older than reported in later years). In addition, there are 5 slaves.
By the time of the 1810 Census, the household has grown. Besides Joseph and his wife both in the age 26-44 age bracket, there is another male age 26-44, who could be anyone of his three younger brothers, since they all fit within this age range: Thomas age 37, Walter age 25, and William age 28. Also included are two females, age 26-44, two males age 16-25, and four children. These four children must belong to Joseph and his wife, Mary. They are all under the age of ten and one is a girl: Joseph, b. 1800, Elizabeth, b. 1802, Walter T., b. 1807, and lastly, James Biays Allender, b. 1809. In addition, there are six slaves.
At the time of the 1820 Census the household still appears multigenerational and excluding Joseph and Mary, its members now consist of 4 males: 1 under 10 (Charles, b. 1815), 1 age 10-16 (James Biays, b. 1809), 1 age 16-26 (Walter T, b. 1807), 1 age 26-45 (Joseph, b. 1800) and 4 females: 1 under 10 (Margareita, b. 1812), 1 age 10-15 (probably the one later identified as Fanney on census records), and 2 age 16-26 (Eliza, b. 1802, and the other is perhaps a wife to son Joseph).
On the 1830 Census, Joseph and Mary are living with only two males, both age 20-30. All but their two youngest sons fit within this age parameter.

The nine slaves in 1820 include 3 males age 26-44, 2 males 45 and upwards, 2 females 14-25, and 2 females 45 and upwards; and in 1830 there are six slaves: 1 male under 10, 2 males 10-23, 1 male 50-100, and 2 females 36-54.

Joseph Allender moved to Baltimore, [where] he became a doctor, bought a lot of land in what is now downtown Baltimore, some on Fells Point which was then a ship building area. --Legend / R.E. Allender.
3:217 1819 George Presbury to Joseph Allender --Land record.

Dr. Joseph Allender, ca. 1770-1834

The census records are the source for this thorough description of the household of Dr. Joseph Allender from 1800 up to the time of his death. Names for his children are supplied by David Bowerman on the rootsweb site

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