Harford, Maryland


Tree: Maryland Tree

County/Shire : Latitude: 39.47436547486121, Longitude: -76.31790161132812


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allender, Mary Ann  1816Harford, Maryland I0986 Maryland Tree 
2 Allender, Mary Ann  1816Harford, Maryland P1930984196 Maryland new 
3 Allender, Mary Cornelia  18 Mar 1833Harford, Maryland I0397 Maryland Tree 
4 Allender, Mary Cornelia  18 Mar 1833Harford, Maryland P1930983709 Maryland new 
5 Allender, Nicholas Bowen  18 Oct 1830Harford, Maryland I0398 Maryland Tree 
6 Allender, Nicholas Bowen  18 Oct 1830Harford, Maryland P1930983711 Maryland new 
7 Baker, Alexander  1782Harford, Maryland I0819 Maryland Tree 
8 Baker, Alexander  1782Harford, Maryland P1930984059 Maryland new 
9 Day, James Maxwell  Abt 1776Harford, Maryland I0755 Maryland Tree 
10 Enlow, Achsah Nacheus  1786Harford, Maryland I0829 Maryland Tree 
11 Enlow, Achsah Nacheus  1786Harford, Maryland P1930984066 Maryland new 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ?Allender, Unnamed  Bef 1820Harford, Maryland I0737 Maryland Tree 
2 ?Allender, Unnamed  1820Harford, Maryland P1930983772 Maryland new 
3 Allender, John  6 Mar 1787Harford, Maryland I0475 Maryland Tree 
4 Allender, John  6 Mar 1787Harford, Maryland P1930983440 Maryland new 
5 Allender, John  Abt 1810Harford, Maryland I0470 Maryland Tree 
6 Allender, John  1810Harford, Maryland P1930983771 Maryland new 
7 Allender, Mary Ann  17 Dec 1915Harford, Maryland I1091 Maryland Tree 
8 Allender, Mary Ann  17 Dec 1915Harford, Maryland P1930984273 Maryland new 
9 Allender, Nicholas  Abt 1797Harford, Maryland I1286 Maryland Tree 
10 Allender, Nicholas  1797Harford, Maryland P1930984435 Maryland new 
11 Allender, William  7 Mar 1793Harford, Maryland I1354 Maryland Tree 
12 Allender, William  7 Mar 1793Harford, Maryland P1930983306 Maryland new 
13 Day, Anna  1804Harford, Maryland P1930983307 Maryland new 
14 Day, Anna  Aft 1804Harford, Maryland I0232 Maryland Tree 
15 Day, Elizabeth  1799Harford, Maryland I0792 Maryland Tree 
16 Day, John  16 Dec 1782Harford, Maryland I0742 Maryland Tree 
17 Day, John  Bef 19 Jan 1791Harford, Maryland I0741 Maryland Tree 
18 Mccomas, Alexander  8 Feb 1790Harford, Maryland I0478 Maryland Tree 
19 McComas, Elizabeth  26 Feb 1758Harford, Maryland I0479 Maryland Tree 
20 Roberts, Lucina  1789Harford, Maryland I0125 Maryland Tree 
21 Roberts, Lucina  1789Harford, Maryland P1930983439 Maryland new 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allender, John J  Harford, Maryland I1537 Maryland Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allender / ?Allender  Abt 1790Harford, Maryland F197 Maryland Tree 
2 Allender / ?Allender  1790Harford, Maryland F167 Maryland new 
3 Allender / Enlow  21 Dec 1802Harford, Maryland F270 Maryland Tree 
4 Allender / Enlow  21 Dec 1802Harford, Maryland F227 Maryland new 
5 Allender / Lyons  6 Oct 1823Harford, Maryland F400 Maryland Tree 
6 Allender / Lyons  6 Oct 1823Harford, Maryland F322 Maryland new 
7 Allender / Ricketts  12 Jan 1825Harford, Maryland F390 Maryland Tree 
8 Day / Allender  27 Feb 1788Harford, Maryland F246 Maryland Tree 
9 Day / Presbury  30 Nov 1775Harford, Maryland F245 Maryland Tree 
10 Ellinder / Grimes  12 Feb 1792Harford, Maryland F408 Maryland Tree 
11 Holland / Robinson  4 Apr 1811Harford, Maryland F314 Maryland Tree 
12 Jones / Allender  10 Apr 1828Harford, Maryland F149 Maryland Tree 
13 Jones / Allender  10 Apr 1828Harford, Maryland F125 Maryland new 
14 Thompson / Day  4 Mar 1805Harford, Maryland F253 Maryland Tree 
15 Weatheral / Day  27 Apr 1797Harford, Maryland F179 Maryland Tree 
16 Webb / Baughman  5 Nov 1798Harford, Maryland F274 Maryland Tree