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Noble County Land Records Volume 3, Page 54
Alexander Allender and wife to Jonathan Watson
Know all men be these preset that we Alexander D. Allender and Susanna Allender wife of said Alexander Allender of the county of Ross, Ohio in consideration of the sum of One Hundred and Eighty Three dollars and thiry three cents in hand paid by Jonathan Watson do hereby remise, release and forever quit claim unto the said Jonathan Watson his heirs and assigns forever all our Title in Trust and estate legal and equitable in the following premises with the appurtenances situate in Noble county, Beaver township, and state of Ohio and bounded and described as follows to it being the EAST ?? of the SOUTH EAST of section no. THIRTY TWO (32) in Township EIGHT (8) of range SEVEN (7) in the district of of lands subject for sale at Marietta Ohio containing SEVETNY TWO ACRES AND FORTY FIVE HUNDREDTHS of an Acre, it being the undivided lands of RICHARD ALLENDER deceased in testimony where of we set our hands and seal this 8th day of March in the year of our Lord 1854.
Executed in presence of
Joseph Pinistin (?) Alexander D. Allender
Isaac Vandyke Susanna X Allender
The state of Ohio Pike County, before me Joseph Pinisten (?) a Justice of the Peace in said county personally appeared Alexander D. Allender and Susanna his wife and Acknowledge the signing and sealing of the above conveyance to be their voluntary act and deed and the said Susanna being at the same time examined by me separate and apart from her said husband and the contents of said deed made known to her by me; she then declard that she did voluntarily sign, seal and acknowledge the same and that she still satisfied therewith this 28th day of March AD 1854, Joseph Piniston, JP
Entered for record June 10th 1854 and recorded July 9th 1854.
JK Casey Recorder for JB Atherton
Allender, Alexander D (P1930984282)
Allender, Margaret (I1100)
Allender, William (I0911)
4  Source (S3124418058)
5  Milligan, Samuel C (I1270)
6  Source (S3124499929)
7  Reinbold, Sarah Ann (I491)
8  Nagel, Maria Magdalena (I002)
9  Armstrong, Jeremiah Patterson (I381)
10  Source (S3124514672)
11  Source (S3124515644)
12  Source (S3124530855)
13 15th Baron Inchiquin  O'Brien, Luicius (176618078)
14 48. Susanna Brinker, ca. 1855-
It has been said that Samuel Brinker and wife Susanna Allender (11) had a daughter. The daughter apparently was named Susanna, as the city directories for 1890 and 1892 list a Susanna living with Samuel Brinker; and his wife had died in 1884. The daughter is not so listed in 1894 and 1895; but the county records for that period do not include her marriage or death, and nothing further has been learned of her. --Rinkenbach, p. 25.  
Brinker, Susan (I016)
15 A search of land records for John Allender in Washington County, Maryland, shows his full name to be John Day Allender [confirming his identity as son of William and Anna Day Allender.] --Legend / R.E. Allender. 1993.
This John is linked with his brother, Richard, in the Ohio land sale of 1806 (described by R.E. Allender in his Legend). So far records on the land sale seem to bear out his claim.
Allender, John Day (I0231)
16 In the Autumn of 1832 he married Lucy Caroline Gabbett of County Limerick. Seven children were born of this union, five boys and two girls Gabbett, Lucy Coraline (137743764)
17 is quite possible that Bridget Bourke came as an immigrant - the dates/ages tie in closely with only a two year age difference...
Name Age Ship Year Reel No
BOURKE Bridget 20 Beejapore 1853 2136, 2464

or the following may be the correct link.... but the ages are out by about 20 years

BIOGRAPHY: This not a definate link but a possibility:-
Record 1 of 41

AGE: 30 SEX: F ALIAS: Bourke, Bridget


SENTENCE: Transportation life



Information from Roberta Gooley-Emanuel 
Bourke, Bridget (211866179)
18 On the 1920 Census, the family name is spelled Alander by mistake.
This obituary appeared in the Thursday, December 15, 1938 edition of the " Brown County (Indiana) Democrat"..
Brown County lost another of its oldest and best loved citizens Sunday when "Koon" Thomas Henry Allender passed away at the home of his son, Omer Allender, of complications.
Mr. Allender had been practically a life long resident of the county. Mr. Allender's family grew up in Greasy Creek, but a few years ago moved to Georgetown, where he had since lived. A few weeks ago, when he became ill he was brought to the home of his son here.
Thomas Henry Allender, son of Thomas Allender and Armellia (Henry) Allender, was born Aug. 15, 1850, and departed from this life Dec. 11, 1938. In 1876 he was united in marriage to Elizabeth Turner, daughter of Dan Turner and Rebecca (McCoy) Turner.
To this union twelve children were born, five having preceded the parents in death. His wife passed away Dec.21,1937.
Those left to mourn their loss are four sons, Omer, Bert, Cecil, and Dan, all of this county, three daughters, Mrs. Mary Nett Allison of Columbus, Mrs. Chloe Ford of Franklin and Mrs. Hazel Voland of Nashville; one sister, Mrs. Sarah Duhammel of Indianapolis; one brother, George Allender of Rago, Kansas, the grandchildren, and his many friends.
Funeral services were conducted at the Georgetown church Monday afternoon by Cecil Deckard and Elza Lucas with interment in the adjoining cemetery. (Bean Blossom Cemetery)
Pallbearers and flower girls were chosen from the grandchildren. Those attending the funeral from a distance were Mrs. Minnie Hobbs and Mrs. Milla Wagoner of Amity, Mrs. Hazel Spence, Mr. Esther Wolfe, Dolly Duhammel and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Allender, of Indianapolis and Mrs. John Collins of Whiteland.

Notes of researcher, Delores Julian:
Marriage license No. 105 of Thomas H. Allender and Elizabeth E. Turner says they were married Aug. 30, 1875 in Nashville, Indiana signed by William L. Cox, clerk and James M. Groves, JP
The family name of Armellia, was found to be Hendry, instead of Henry. She was daughter of Nicholas Hendry and Mary (Cherry) Hendry.
Allender, Thomas Henry (I1037)
19 she was the daughter of Sir Oliver ffrench , Mayor of Galway 1650 Ffrench, Chrislioke (155031306)
20 "Mount Ararat" patented to William Allender 1786 lies down by Bird River in Baltimore Co. The present Allender Rd goes to that property. This William died 6 Oct 1796 at the age of 57 years.  Allender, William (I0342)
21 "Mount Ararat" patented to William Allender 1786 lies down by Bird River in Baltimore Co. The present Allender Rd goes to that property. This William died 6 Oct 1796 at the age of 57 years. His death notice is indexed as appearing in the same newspaper as the item on the marriage of hi son, Joseph, to Bajas, and Bird River is given as the location of his home at time of death.
On the 1790 Census he is shown living next to Fredarick Allender, who must be the same Frederik described by Rinkenbach as born in Germany, settled in Baltimore in 1765 and lived 26 Feb 1720 to 2 Feb 1816. Living so close may have significance in indicating a German origin to William Allender who died in 1648. Frederick and his descendants show under the name Ellender on later censuses.
On the 1790 Census William's household is shown with 3 males upwards of age 16. They would have to be William, head of household, and his sons, Joseph, age 20 and Thomas, age 17. Also shown are 2 males under 16, Walter and William, ages 15 and 8, respectively. The 3 female would be his wife and two daughters, Mary and Elizabeth. By the time of the 1800 Census, William has died and it appears that Joseph then becomes head of that household.
From a transcript of the Will of William Allender 1794 - Baltimore Co, Maryland. Recorded April 12,1797 by the Register of Wills William Buchanan. Will Bk 5 pages 494, 495, 496:
To wit. Item - I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph Allender my negro man Ben to him, his heirs and assigns forever. Item - I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Foley Allender my negro Ceasor a boy now living with Mr. Hilwell to him, his heirs and assigns forever. Item - I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary my negro boy Abraham to her, her heirs and assigns forever. Item - I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth my negro boy Tandy to her, her heirs and assigns forever. Item I give and bequeath unto my son Walter Allender my negro boy Isaac to him, his heirs and assigns forever. Item - I give and bequeath unto my son William Allender one negro boy Moses, Daniel a negro boy and my negro girl Patients to him, his heirs and assigns forever. Item - I give and bequeath unto my well beloved wife Sophia Allender the following negro slaves viz: Ceasear, Primis, Jacob, Luce and Luke to her, her heirs and assigns forever.
And whereas I am in possession of a bond from Daniel Reese to be for the payment of about eighty four pounds, my will and desire is that the same be equally divided between my son William aforesaid and my daughters Mary and Elizabeth aforesaid to them, their heirs and assigns forever.
Item My will and desire is that my farming stock of horses, cattle, sheep of all denominations and also my household furniture of all denominations be appraised by two judicial men not related or interested and that my wife Sophia Allender take one third of the said stock and household furniture as her part of the same and the remaining two thirds to be equally divided between my aforesaid sons Joseph, Thomas, Walter and William and my daughters Mary and Elizabeth to hold to them, their heirs and assigns forever and I hereby constitute and appoint my son Joseph Allender exector and my beloved wife Sophia Allender executrix of this my last will and testament. And I also hereby revoke, disannul and make void all or any former wills by me made and acknowledge no other but this to be my last will and testiment. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and afixed my seal this ___ day of ___ in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety four. 
Allender, William (P1930983636)
22 "William was born in England about 1747 and died about 1814 in Hampshire County, VA . His will was probated in Hampshire County June 14, 1815. He married Christine --Known children of William and Christine Allender: 1. Jorge (b.c. 1774); 2. William (b.c. 1776); 3. Jacob (b.c. 1778); 4. Christine (b.c. 1780); 5. James (b. 1783) m. Sarah Alderton." -- from Descendants of William Allender / Don Norman --on Rootsweb

"The first Allender is William born in MD circa 1670? and married to Crystene. William received a land grant of 245 acres in what is now known as Spring Gap Mountain, Hampshire County, WV. A plantation was built, known as Movable. They had five known children: Jorge, William, Jacob, James, and their only daughter, Crestine. Upon the death of William, in circa 1715, James was the executor of the estate. ... Jorge and William migrated to Kentucky, while Jacob and James stayed in VA/WV. Nothing more is known of Crestine." --from notes by Pamela Brantner Forsbeg on Rootsweb, 2
Aug 2002

In his will, dated 6 May 1807 and presented to the Court of 14 Jun 1813, William states: "I do give to my beloved wife Crestene the plantation and property whereon she now lives during her natural life it is my will and I do order that at my wife's decease that the said two plantations where I live and the mountain place and moveables to become my son James ..." --from George Allender on Rootsweb 28 Dec 2004 
ALLENDER, William (I2)
23 , emigrated 1854 in England to Australia, cause of death Consumption Edwards, Mary Ann (155582496)
24 ---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Dec 4, 2007 6:03 AM
Subject: Re: Guernsey County Marriage Lookup

This is the one found.....John alender m. Margaret Carpenter June 1,
1831 pg 431.....Good Luck Joanie 
Carpenter, Margaret (P1930984464)
25 .Another source (Edmund West) shows Joshua to have been born in Baltimore, Maryland.
Assessment for Baltimore County show the Allenders as:
Joshua Allender, Reserve, 18 acres, BA Gunpowder Upper Hundred;
Johsua Allender, Arthurs Lott, 72 acres, BA Gunpowder Upper Hundred;
William Allender, BA Middle River Lower Hundred;
Nicholas Allender, HA Hartford Upper Hundred.
The 1790 Census shows Joshua with one son, who would have to be Thomas, born 1764 and not yet married, and 3 females: his wife Averilla, and two daughters, probably the younger two: Annie and Elizabeth. They are shown living one family before William (b. 1757), his oldest son, who is married to Nancy Ann Sellers, and they have one son, John (b.1789). 
Allender, Joshua III (I0767)
26 .Another source (Edmund West) shows Joshua to have been born in Baltimore, Maryland.
Assessment for Baltimore County show the Allenders as:
Joshua Allender, Reserve, 18 acres, BA Gunpowder Upper Hundred;
Johsua Allender, Arthurs Lott, 72 acres, BA Gunpowder Upper Hundred;
William Allender, BA Middle River Lower Hundred;
Nicholas Allender, HA Hartford Upper Hundred.
The 1790 Census shows Joshua with one son, who would have to be Thomas, born 1764 and not yet married, and 3 females: his wife Averilla, and two daughters, probably the younger two: Annie and Elizabeth. They are shown living one family before William (b. 1757), his oldest son, who is married to Nancy Ann Sellers, and they have one son, John (b.1789). 
Allender, Joshua III (P1930983629)
27 1 male 45+; 1 male 26-46; 1 male 16-26; 2 male under 10; 1 female 45 +; 1 female 10-16; 1 female under 10) ALLENDER, Edward (I1)
28 1 male 50-60; 1 male 15-20; 2 male 5-10; 1 female 30-40; 1 female 20-30; 1 female 10-15 ALLENDER, Edward (I1)
29 1. Joseph Allender, 1762/3-1846.
Joseph Allender evidently was not born in York County, Pennsylvania, as the county tax list for 1762 discloses no one of the name Allender as a resident. The records of the Register of Wills, Recorder of Deeds and Orphans Court at York from 1750-1850 contain nothing concerning that name; nor is any Allender listed in the county census of graves compiled by the York County Historical Society.
The first record of Joseph Allender is that in 1778 he was a private in the 1st Company of the 5th Battalion of the York County Militia from Godorus Twp. and in 1782 he was a private in Capt. John Meyer's Company of militia from the same township. It may be mentioned that the Joseph Allender from Ireland who settled in Centre County, Pa., was a private in the Cumberland County Militia [11. Pa. Archives Series 3; vol. 23, p. 435; Series 5, vol. 6, pp. 92, 158, 576, 583]. There was a William Allender taxed in Newberry Twp., York County in 1779 and 1780 and in Warrington Twp. in 1781 [12-13. Pa. Archives; Series 3, vol. 21, p. 28, 194, 409] but whether he was a relative of Joseph Allender is not known. Joseph Allender of Lehigh County is not listed by the U.S. Pension Bureau as a Revolutionary War pensioner. Such pensions were awarded on the basis of need.
Tax lists from 1783 to 1790 do not show Joseph Allender as a resident of Pennsylvania; nor is he listed as a resident of Pennsylvania or Maryland in the first Census of the United States in 1790. The latter is not surprising, as he was single at that time. Between 1790 and 1799, he settled in what is now Lehigh County, Pa.; and about 1798 married Maria Nagel, who was about sixteen years his junior. She was a daughter of Peter Nagel (ca. 1750-1802) and wife Hannah (ca. 1753-6/9/ 1815) of Upper Saucon Twp.
The U.S. Census of 1800 lists Josph Ellender and wife, both 26 to 44 years of age, as residents of Upper Saucon Twp. No children are listed, but they already had a daughter Nancy who had been born on Dec 24, 1799. As there is no record of Joseph Allender owning land and Upper Saucon Twp. was purely agricultural, he evidently was a farm worker or tenant. The Census of 1810 does not list him, but that of 1820 shows Joseph Ellenter of adjacent Salisbury Twp. to be 45 years of age or older and have a family of three boys and four girls and a wife. The 1830 Census shows that Joseph Allender then lived in North Whitehall Twp., his family comprising his wife and a son 15 to 20 years of age. By 1840 Joseph Allender and wife were residents of Northampton Twp., now a part of Allentown.
In 1842 Joseph Allender bought a small parcel of land in Northampton Twp., but in less than two weeks he and his wife sold this. This is the only record of land ownership by Joseph Allender.
Allender died on Aug 27, 1846 as shown by the following obituary in the Friedens-Bote (Allentown) on Wednesday, Sept. 2, 1846: Gestern, am letzten Donnerstag, in Allentown, an den Lungensucht, Joseph Allender, ein Revolutions-Soldat, in 84 sten Jahre. Samstag darsuf wurde er auf dem Methodisten Kirchhof disser Stadt beerdigt. -- From this we learn the approximate date of his birth, that he was a Revolutionary War soldier and where he was buried. The graveyard of the Methodist Church no longer exists, and no tombstone has been found elsewhere.
After the death of Joseph Allender, his widow Maria resided in Allentown with her daughter Susanna (11) and son-in-law Samuel Brinker, as shown by the U.S. Census of 1850. She died there on Dec. 19, 1851. An obituary in the Lehigh Register gives her age as 72 years, 2 months and 24 days; which indicates her to have been born on Sept, 24, 1779. The private records of Rev. Joseph S Dubs state that she was born on Sept. 24, 1778, was married 52 years and had five sons and five daughters. In view of the inaccuracy of the last statement, it is believed that she was born in 1779. As the Rev. Dubs was Reformed minister, she probably was not buried beside her husband, but in the old Allentown Cemetery. No tombstone has been found.
Neither Joseph or Maria Allender left a will, and there is no record of the administration of an estate for either. No family legend concerning the appearance, personality or activities of Joseph Allender exist. --Rinkenbach, p. 3-5. 
Allender, Joseph (I001)
30 10 Maria Allender, 1817
The birth of Maria, daughter of Joseph Allender(1) and wife, Maria, on Jul 13, 1817 is recorded [23. Baptismal Records, Friedens Church, Friedensville, Pa.]. From the 1820 Census records, she appears to have been alive at that time, but the 1830 census does not indicate this. As no further record of her has been found in any connection, it is believed that Maria Allender died in childhood. -- Rinkenbach, p. 11.  
Allender, Maria (I013)
31 11. Susanna Allender Brinker, 1818-1884.
This daughter of Joseph Allender (1) and wife Maria is buried in the Union and West End Cemetery in Allentown. Her tombstone gives her maiden name, states that she was the wife of Samuel Brinker, and shows that she was born July 16, 1818 and died on Dec 21, 1884. No record of her birth or baptism has been found. No tombstone for her husband has been found.
On Apr. 1, 1838, Susanna Ellender was confirmed in St. Paul's Luthern Church in Allentown [24. Das Leben und Wirken von Vater Josua Jager; 1889; p. 191] The U.S. Census for 1850 shows as residents of Allentown Samuel Brinker, aged 32, bricklayer and his wife Susan, aged 31. With them lived her mother, Mary Allender. No children are listed. Samuel and Susanna Brinker have not been found in the 1860 and 1870 census records for Allentown. Neither left a will or an estate to be administered. Samuel Brinker is listed in the Allentown directories for 1890, 1892, 1894, 1895, but not thereafter; and it is presumed that he died in 1895 or 1896.
It has been stated that Samuel and Susanna Brinker had a daughter. The city directories for 1890 and 1892 list a Susan Brinker living with Samuel Brinker, so the daughter had to have the same name as her mother. No further record of the daughter has been found. -- Rinkenbach, p. 11-12. 
Allender, Susanna (I014)
32 13. Mary Elizabeth Gross, 1839-1935
Buried beside her parents, brother and twin sister, this daughter of Jacob Gross and Nancy Allender (2) was born on Sept. 25, 1839 and died on Mar. 15, 1923. She never married and lived in Allentown all her life. --Rinkenbach, p. 12.  
Gross, Mary Elizabeth (I022)
33 13th Baron Inchiquin
Had to claim the Barony by proceedings before the Committee of Privileges in 1855. 
O'Brien, Sir Lucius (137742259)
34 14. Rebecca Gross Hettinger, 1839-1915
Buried beside her parents, her brother and her twin sister, this daughter of Jacob Gross and wife Nancy Allender (2) was born on Sept. 25, 1839 and died Mar 26, 1915. She married Joseph Hettinger, who outlived her and is not buried beside her. According to the U.S. Censuses of 1860 and 1870, they had daughters Mary A. and Susan. The obituary of Rebecca Gross Hettinger states that she was survived by her husband and a daughter, the wife of James Fatzinger. Joseph Hettinger, a Civil War soldier, was a rural mailman in Centre County prior to his wife's death. He died there at an advanced age and was buried at Bealsburg.
The elder daughter, Mary, was born in 1856/7 in Allentown and died there at the age of 49 years. She married James Kleckner, and they had nine children: James, George, Frank, Charles, William, Mame, Sarah, Elizabeth and Florence.
The younger daughter, Susan M., was born on Mar 17, 1861 and died in Allentown on May 10, 1941. She married James H. Fatzinger (1858-1921), who is buried beside her in Greenwood Cemetery. They were the parents of three children who died young and of Charles F., Minnie M. and Laura. -- Rinkenbach, p. 13.  
Gross, Rebecca (I020)
35 15. (continued) Theodore M. Allender, 1852-1922.
Theodore M., son of Moses Allender, removed to Binghampton, N.Y. about 1895 and died there. He and his wife are buried in St. Mark's Cemetery in Allentown. The obituary of Theodore Allender in a Binghampton newspaper mentions a daughter, Mrs. Monroe Yoder, a son Charles and an adopted daughter Lousia Drewer; but no grandchildren are mentioned. The obituary of his wife mentions the daughter, Mrs. Carrie Yoder, but no grandchildren. From this it appears that the son Charles died before 1940 and neither he nor his sister had issue. -- Rinkenbach, p. 15. 
Allender, Theodore M (I094)
36 15. Moses Allender, 1834-1908
Moses Allender, the most colorful of the early members of the family, was born in Allentown on June 21, 1834, the son of Joseph Allender (3) and wife Catharina Freyman, as stated in his obituary and in a history of his wife's family. He was not baptized until he was nine years old.
About 1851 he married Hannah ____, who was born in 1829/30 according to census records. They had twin children, Theodore and Catharina, born on May 1, 1852. In 1857 Moses Allender married Mary Ann Knauss, born in 1835/6, a daughter of Henry and Hannah Rothrock Knauss. To this union there were born eleven children. The first marriage evidently was not terminated by the death of the wife, as the U.S. Census of 1870 shows Hannah Allender, aged 40, and daughter Catherine, aged 18, living in South Whitehall Twp. The grave of Hannah Allender has not been found.
Moses Allender was a carpenter by trade. He became a bodyguard of President Lincoln after his first election; and when the Civil War ensued, Moses Allender enlisted in the army. A member of Company C, 209th Regiment, First Brigade of Pennsylvania Volunteers and of the Jordan Artillery Company, he served throughout or almost all the war and was on many battlefields.
After the end of the war, Moses Allender returned to Allentown and worked in planing mills and a furniture factory, being an expert woodmahine operator. The U.S. Census of 1870 shows him as a planing mill worker living in Allentown with his wife Mary, aged 34, and children Eliza, Agnes, Eugene and Harvey.
His wife Mary Ann died on May 6, 1891. No tombstone for her has been found, but she probably was buried in St. Mark's Cemetery in Allentown. On Feb. 25, 1892, Moses Allender married Laura E. Desch, daughter of tilghman H. Desch, and was born on Oct. 3, 1870. No children were born to that union, which ended before the death of Moses Allender; since the Allentown city directories for 1900 and 1906 show Moses Allender without a co resident wife and his third wife is not mentioned in his obituary. She later married ____ Shellheimer, died on Aug 26, 1923 and was buried in Hillside Cemetery in Fullerton, Pa.
Moses Allender died on Oct. 6, 1908 at the home of a daughter in South Allentown after preparing his own obituary. It mentions only his second wife. He was buried in St. Mark's Cemetery. His tombstone gives the dates of his birth and death and his army organization.
A photograph of Moses Allender shows him to have been of medium height and stocky build. He is said to have been unusually strong and to have had red hair. The latter is not a family characteristic.
Table II shows the known descendants of Moses Allender. Much of the data concerning his sons and daughters came from a family record in the possession of his granddaughter Mrs. Ervie Sterner. The birth and death of the son Alfred are recorded [in Records of Zion Reformed Church, Allentown, Pa.] as are the births of his first two children [in Records of Jordan Reformed Church, Whitehall Twp.]. The remaining data in Table II [descendants] were accumulated from obituaries, tombstones, marriage licenses and oral information. --Rinkenbach, p. 13-15.  
Allender, Moses (I025)
37 16. Frank Xander, 1823- ; 17. ____Xander; 18. ____Xander.
According to Charles R. Roberts, late noted historian of Allentown, John Xander and his wife Elizabeth (6) had one son and three daughters. The source of his information is not known, and it has not been found practicable [sic] to identify the son and two of the daughters. The son may have been the Joseph Xander (1832-1899) buried at the Jordan Reformed Church in South Whitehall Twp. [This Joseph is more likely to be son of David and Elizabeth (Brockel) Allender. A brother, Frank, is living with Fietta in 1900, and he is likely to be her full brother -- amendment to note] One of the daughters may have been the Elizabeth Xander, daughter of a John Xander, who was born in 1824 according to the historian of the Xander family. --Rinkenbach, p. 15.  
Xander, Frank (I031)
38 16th Baron Inchiquin  O'Brien, Donough Edward Foster (176618200)
39 1870 
Source (S2899541101)
40 1870 
Source (S-1939369667)
41 1870 Source (S01832)
42 1870 Source (S15427)
43 1870 Source (S05024)
44 19. Fietta Xander Eckert, 1834/5-
The census of 1850 shows John and Elizabeth Xander (5) of South Whitehall Twp. to have a daughter Fietta, aged 15. Evidently this daughter married Enos Eckert (1838/9- ) and stayed in Allentown, were the Census of 1850 show him to be living with Elizabet Xander. At this time Enos and Fietta had a daughter Anna E., aged three months. No further information concerning Fietta Xander Eckert and her family has been found. -- Rinkenbach, p. 15-16.

Xander, Fietta (I030)
45 1900 Census shows 10 children born 6 still living Hendry, Armelia (I120)
46 1900 census states 25 years married, 6 children, 5 living. Clay, Matilda J (I38)
47 1910 United States Federal Census Bonner, John Christy (I14)
48 1920 United States Federal Census Walsh, Alice Geraldine (I16)
49 1993-2002 White Pages, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA: Acxiom Corporation 
Source (S-1939369658)
50 1993-2002 White Pages, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA: Acxiom Corporation Source (S02502)

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