Researching the Allender Families

After years of researching, with our many Allender family members, historians, genealogists and librarians, it has finally come to pass, and we have before us this site:

A place where the far flung Allender's, who have for hundreds of years wandered
throughout many lands far and wide, may now find the tracings of their journey...

The Allender families found their way to settle in countries around the globe and to grow in vast numbers. They are thought to be a family with a name that has become truly international and therefore we must embrace all ethnic groups in our site building.

One researcher has remarked on the clan aspect of the Allender family, referring perhaps to their suspected origins from Islands off the coast of Scandinavia. One has marveled at their ability for total recall, which perhaps explains their success as teachers, ministers and leaders in business and politics.

Another historian, working with the colonial Allender families has confessed to complete fascination with the family. We hope his interest will translate to any who might find this site useful in their own research and to many students of family history in general.

Since the Allender family has chosen not to ally itself to any particular culture we too, have chosen not to be proprietors of its history but in the true spirit of humankind ask for input of all fellow travelers. We encourage and welcome participation from any and all those researching Allenders to submit your research to be passed on to all those now and in the future.

We have made a special effort to be complete and accurate in our sources and have checked the records many times over. We hope others will feel free to join us in our quest to tie up the many loose ends in our research, but at the same time we know the story will never end and that the past in part will always remain a mystery. It is our hope that the family name of Allender (in its various spellings) lives on and that the family members continue to prosper.