Guernsey, Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Margaret  14 Jul 1833Guernsey, Ohio I099 Irish Allenders 
2 Allender, Abigail Mae  8 Jul 1833Guernsey, Ohio I1321 Maryland Tree 
3 Allender, Abigail Mae  8 Jul 1833Guernsey, Ohio P1930984465 Maryland new 
4 Allender, Alexander  24 Feb 1839Guernsey, Ohio I083 Irish Allenders 
5 Allender, Bessie A  14 Nov 1887Guernsey, Ohio I356 Irish Allenders 
6 Allender, C Albert  Oct 1861Guernsey, Ohio I085 Irish Allenders 
7 Allender, Elizabeth  1841Guernsey, Ohio I1347 Maryland Tree 
8 Allender, Elizabeth  1841Guernsey, Ohio P1930984484 Maryland new 
9 Allender, Emma Emily  15 Mar 1853Guernsey, Ohio I088 Irish Allenders 
10 Allender, Emmet Ross  22 Jun 1876Guernsey, Ohio I344 Irish Allenders 
11 Allender, Estella Blanche  17 Mar 1882Guernsey, Ohio I376 Irish Allenders 
12 Allender, George W  26 Feb 1846Guernsey, Ohio I089 Irish Allenders 
13 Allender, Grace Jane  1 Apr 1855Guernsey, Ohio I108 Irish Allenders 
14 Allender, James Stanford  25 Apr 1852Guernsey, Ohio I087 Irish Allenders 
15 Allender, John A.  1850Guernsey, Ohio I1349 Maryland Tree 
16 Allender, John A.  1850Guernsey, Ohio P1930984486 Maryland new 
17 Allender, John O  28 Aug 1850Guernsey, Ohio I084 Irish Allenders 
18 Allender, Margaret Grace  8 Jul 1893Guernsey, Ohio I373 Irish Allenders 
19 Allender, Margaret Maude  14 Aug 1875Guernsey, Ohio I335 Irish Allenders 
20 Allender, Mary  5 Jan 1903Guernsey, Ohio I253 Irish Allenders 
21 Allender, Mary Margaret  1 Apr 1855Guernsey, Ohio I109 Irish Allenders 
22 Allender, Nancy  15 Mar 1832Guernsey, Ohio I1348 Maryland Tree 
23 Allender, Nancy  15 Mar 1832Guernsey, Ohio P1930984472 Maryland new 
24 Allender, Rachel  Abt 1855Guernsey, Ohio I111 Irish Allenders 
25 Allender, Robert F  12 Dec 1891Guernsey, Ohio I379 Irish Allenders 
26 Allender, Robert Reed  Abt 1857Guernsey, Ohio I112 Irish Allenders 
27 Allender, Samuel  1843Guernsey, Ohio I1350 Maryland Tree 
28 Allender, Samuel  1843Guernsey, Ohio P1930984488 Maryland new 
29 Allender, Sarah  1838Guernsey, Ohio I1344 Maryland Tree 
30 Allender, Sarah  1838Guernsey, Ohio P1930984481 Maryland new 
31 Allender, Sarah  May 1859Guernsey, Ohio I072 Irish Allenders 
32 Allender, William A  29 Feb 1848Guernsey, Ohio I086 Irish Allenders 
33 Armstrong, Alvin P  30 Dec 1884Guernsey, Ohio I385 Irish Allenders 
34 Armstrong, Edna G  6 Jun 1887Guernsey, Ohio I384 Irish Allenders 
35 Armstrong, George Clyde  31 Jan 1895Guernsey, Ohio I386 Irish Allenders 
36 Armstrong, Mary Leila  9 Oct 1891Guernsey, Ohio I382 Irish Allenders 
37 Armstrong, Nancy M  20 Jun 1889Guernsey, Ohio I372 Irish Allenders 
38 Bonnell, Angeline  13 Jan 1821Guernsey, Ohio I077 Irish Allenders 
39 Burris, William  1859Guernsey, Ohio I044 Irish Allenders 
40 Ford, Ella  1864Guernsey, Ohio I258 Irish Allenders 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ?Allender, Abigail  1839Guernsey, Ohio P1930983529 Maryland new 
2 ?Allender, Abigail  Aft 1839Guernsey, Ohio I1389 Maryland Tree 
3 Adams, Margaret  6 Aug 1889Guernsey, Ohio I099 Irish Allenders 
4 Allender, Charles Edward  1926Guernsey, Ohio I245 Irish Allenders 
5 Allender, David  3 Feb 1919Guernsey, Ohio I091 Irish Allenders 
6 Allender, David A  1943Guernsey, Ohio I107 Irish Allenders 
7 Allender, Emmet Ross  6 Oct 1880Guernsey, Ohio I344 Irish Allenders 
8 Allender, George  19 Dec 1885Guernsey, Ohio I006 Irish Allenders 
9 Allender, Margaret Grace  1915Guernsey, Ohio I373 Irish Allenders 
10 Allender, Margaret Maude  1904Guernsey, Ohio I335 Irish Allenders 
11 Allender, Mary  8 Jan 1903Guernsey, Ohio I253 Irish Allenders 
12 Allender, Mary Margaret  1856Guernsey, Ohio I109 Irish Allenders 
13 Allender, Rachel  Between 1860 and 1880Guernsey, Ohio I111 Irish Allenders 
14 Allender, Robert Reed  Abt 1860Guernsey, Ohio I112 Irish Allenders 
15 Allender, William  1839Guernsey, Ohio P1930983528 Maryland new 
16 Allender, William Porter  1920Guernsey, Ohio I100 Irish Allenders 
17 Allender, William?  Aft 1839Guernsey, Ohio I1028 Maryland Tree 
18 Anderson, Jane  Abt 1858Guernsey, Ohio I105 Irish Allenders 
19 Anderson, Martha  28 Jul 1942Guernsey, Ohio I466 Irish Allenders 
20 Bennett, Emma Jane  22 Jan 1939Guernsey, Ohio I343 Irish Allenders 
21 Burris, William  1929Guernsey, Ohio I044 Irish Allenders 
22 Carpenter, Margaret  19 Aug 1873Guernsey, Ohio I1322 Maryland Tree 
23 Carpenter, Margaret  19 Aug 1873Guernsey, Ohio P1930984464 Maryland new 
24 Ford, Ella  1937Guernsey, Ohio I258 Irish Allenders 
25 Mc Kahan, Jennie  1943Guernsey, Ohio I387 Irish Allenders 
26 Mc Kahan, Margaret J  1927Guernsey, Ohio I383 Irish Allenders 
27 Milligan, Margaret  30 Jul 1870Guernsey, Ohio I019 Irish Allenders 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allender / Adams  21 Mar 1861Guernsey, Ohio F023 Irish Allenders 
2 Allender / Anderson  23 Dec 1897Guernsey, Ohio F063 Irish Allenders 
3 Allender / Anderson  25 Sep 1913Guernsey, Ohio F064 Irish Allenders 
4 Allender / Bennett  16 Dec 1875Guernsey, Ohio F097 Irish Allenders 
5 Allender / Bichard  18 Dec 1901Guernsey, Ohio F059 Irish Allenders 
6 Allender / Bonnell  1838Guernsey, Ohio F017 Irish Allenders 
7 Allender / Bonnell  23 Jul 1871Guernsey, Ohio F124 Irish Allenders 
8 Allender / Carpenter  13 Aug 1831Guernsey, Ohio F373 Maryland Tree 
9 Allender / Carpenter  13 Aug 1831Guernsey, Ohio F305 Maryland new 
10 Allender / Cochran  21 Mar 1865Guernsey, Ohio F094 Irish Allenders 
11 Allender / Lanning  18 Nov 1874Guernsey, Ohio F098 Irish Allenders 
12 Allender / Mc Kahan  15 Apr 1875Guernsey, Ohio F105 Irish Allenders 
13 Allender / Mc Kahan  28 Sep 1898Guernsey, Ohio F106 Irish Allenders 
14 Allender / Mc Peek  22 Apr 1871Guernsey, Ohio F096 Irish Allenders 
15 Allender / Moore  12 Dec 1878Guernsey, Ohio F102 Irish Allenders 
16 Allender / Tedrick  25 Dec 1886Guernsey, Ohio F099 Irish Allenders 
17 Allender / West  21 Jun 1890Guernsey, Ohio F079 Irish Allenders 
18 Armstrong / Allender  3 Apr 1884Guernsey, Ohio F104 Irish Allenders 
19 Burris / Allender  1 Mar 1852Guernsey, Ohio F113 Irish Allenders 
20 Carpenter / Allender  14 Oct 1841Guernsey, Ohio F031 Irish Allenders 
21 Hanna / Allender  22 Dec 1870Guernsey, Ohio F051 Irish Allenders