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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ?Cartwright, Viola  1877Kentucky I1131 Maryland Tree 
2 ?Cartwright, Viola  1877Kentucky P1930984296 Maryland new 
3 Allender, Dump  1843Kentucky I0893 Maryland Tree 
4 Allender, Dump  1843Kentucky P1930984107 Maryland new 
5 Allender, Edward  Abt 1831Kentucky I0611 Maryland Tree 
6 Allender, Edward  1831Kentucky P1930983921 Maryland new 
7 Allender, Elizabeth  1866Kentucky I0672 Maryland Tree 
8 Allender, Elizabeth  1866Kentucky P1930983644 Maryland new 
9 Allender, Emily  1835Kentucky I0878 Maryland Tree 
10 Allender, Emily  1835Kentucky P1930984093 Maryland new 
11 Allender, Eva Lee  Dec 1895Kentucky I0807 Maryland Tree 
12 Allender, Eva Lee  Dec 1895Kentucky P1930984052 Maryland new 
13 Allender, Floy May  Dec 1891Kentucky I0805 Maryland Tree 
14 Allender, Floy May  Dec 1891Kentucky P1930984050 Maryland new 
15 Allender, Hannah E  Abt 1832Kentucky I0610 Maryland Tree 
16 Allender, Hannah E  1832Kentucky P1930983920 Maryland new 
17 Allender, Harriett  1848Kentucky I0883 Maryland Tree 
18 Allender, Harriett  1848Kentucky P1930984098 Maryland new 
19 Allender, Harry Bedford  Oct 1893Kentucky I0806 Maryland Tree 
20 Allender, Harry Bedford  Oct 1893Kentucky P1930984051 Maryland new 
21 Allender, James Robinson  1819Kentucky I0604 Maryland Tree 
22 Allender, James Robinson  1819Kentucky P1930983910 Maryland new 
23 Allender, James Stevenson  29 Aug 1835Kentucky I0612 Maryland Tree 
24 Allender, James Stevenson  29 Aug 1835Kentucky P1930983922 Maryland new 
25 Allender, John C.  1841Kentucky I0881 Maryland Tree 
26 Allender, John C.  1841Kentucky P1930984096 Maryland new 
27 Allender, Maria J  Abt 1814Kentucky I0603 Maryland Tree 
28 Allender, Maria J  1814Kentucky P1930983908 Maryland new 
29 Allender, Ophelia  1837Kentucky I0879 Maryland Tree 
30 Allender, Ophelia  1837Kentucky P1930984094 Maryland new 
31 Allender, Robert  1839Kentucky I0880 Maryland Tree 
32 Allender, Robert  1839Kentucky P1930984095 Maryland new 
33 Allender, Seth  1847Kentucky I0882 Maryland Tree 
34 Allender, Seth  1847Kentucky P1930984097 Maryland new 
35 Allender, Shusge H.  1845Kentucky I0894 Maryland Tree 
36 Allender, Shusge H.  1845Kentucky P1930984108 Maryland new 
37 Allender, Stella Elizabeth  Jul 1898Kentucky I0808 Maryland Tree 
38 Allender, Stella Elizabeth  Jul 1898Kentucky P1930984053 Maryland new 
39 Allender, Susan  27 Jun 1826Kentucky I0605 Maryland Tree 
40 Allender, Susan  27 Jun 1826Kentucky P1930983915 Maryland new 
41 Allender, Thomas  Abt 1825Kentucky I0609 Maryland Tree 
42 Allender, Thomas  1825Kentucky P1930983919 Maryland new 
43 Allender, Virgil Welsey  Jan 1890Kentucky I0804 Maryland Tree 
44 Allender, Virgil Welsey  Jan 1890Kentucky P1930984049 Maryland new 
45 Allender, Virginia Ware  1900Kentucky P1930984054 Maryland new 
46 Cartwright, Paul  1897Kentucky I1132 Maryland Tree 
47 Cartwright, Paul  1897Kentucky P1930984304 Maryland new 
48 Keeling, Sarah  Abt 1800Kentucky I0877 Maryland Tree 
49 Keeling, Sarah  1800Kentucky P1930984092 Maryland new 
50 Moore, Elizabeth  18 Aug 1787Kentucky I0233 Maryland Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allender, Averilla  25 Jan 1877Kentucky I0379 Maryland Tree 
2 Allender, Averilla  25 Jan 1877Kentucky P1930983688 Maryland new 
3 Cartwright, Charles M  1923Kentucky I1129 Maryland Tree 
4 Cartwright, Charles M  1923Kentucky P1930984302 Maryland new 
5 Moore, John Gay  Kentucky I0182 Maryland Tree 
6 Moore, John Gay  Kentucky P1930983446 Maryland new 
7 Moore, John Gay  7 May 1885Kentucky I0810 Maryland Tree 
8 Moore, John Gay  7 May 1885Kentucky P1930984055 Maryland new 
9 Moore, Penelope  27 Feb 1860Kentucky I0912 Maryland Tree 
10 Moore, Penelope  27 Feb 1860Kentucky P1930984120 Maryland new 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allender / Bedford  1889Kentucky F260 Maryland Tree 
2 Allender / Bedford  1889Kentucky F225 Maryland new 
3 Allender / Pritchett  13 May 1813Kentucky F224 Maryland Tree 
4 Allender / Pritchett  13 May 1813Kentucky F193 Maryland new 
5 Fyffe / Allender  22 Aug 1848Kentucky F230 Maryland Tree 
6 Fyffe / Allender  22 Aug 1848Kentucky F201 Maryland new 
7 Simon / Allender  19 Feb 1818Kentucky F156 Maryland Tree 
8 Simon / Allender  19 Feb 1818Kentucky F134 Maryland new