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Delilah Anna Daugherty Allinder Earl Vordenberg Ella Capitola Webster Allender Ethel Lord Allender Dalius Heck Ethel Lord Allender Dalius Heck about 1941 Frank Allender Frank Allender ca 1924 Grandma Allender Hazel and Irene Allender Hazel L Allender Liesch ca 1908, High School graduation photo
Howard Charles Allender USAAC Service photo, WWII Veteran Jeanette Josephine Fletcher Allender 1930's High School Photo Joseph and Parke Allender, ca. 1900 Joseph Tolley Allender 1770-1834 Joseph Tolley Allender minature portrait Margaret Ann Watson May Frances Allender Mina Marie Watson and children. The Allender farm house in northern Baltimore County, MD (Present Day) This is a map of Baltimore Maryland in the 1840's. It is a wonderful map showing all the families and where they lived at the time.(in Firefox if you hit ctl ++ it will zoom, then hit ctrl +0 and it will reset to the normal size)
Thomas Allender Thomas Allender Thomas Allender house ca 1899 William Frederick Allender William Frederick and Ella Capitola Webster Allender