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Allinder family marker Sadler Cemetery Allinder Marker Sadler Cemetery Asbury and his wife Nancy Jane are buried at New Richwood Cemetery in Trenton Co., IA. Bivin Isaac Allinder 1862-1936 Caroline Allender Akers 1834-1914 Charles H and Adaline Allender headstone Edward M. Allinder (1886-1941) Elijah Bell 1836-1900
Co J AL INF CSA Eliza Jane Allinder 1865-1936 Eliza Jane Massey Allinder 1865-1936
Elizabeth Allender Connely Headstone 1784-1842 Fred Allinder 1896-1917
inscribed : A place is vacant in our hearts that never can be filled Headstone of Delilah Anna Daugherty Allinder Headstone of Margaret Lawrence Allender James G. and Jemima Allender Headstone John T Akers 1831-1899 Joseph M Allender Gravestone Martha Lila Logsdon Allender headstone Mary Allender headstone Maytle Allinder 1911-1922
Orcelia Howland Allender Headstone Parke Allender Gravestone Sarah Lashley Allender Headstone Thomas Allender Headstone Thomas Allinder Bell 1873-1884 Thomas Allinder headstone Thomas and Orcelia Howland Allender Obelisk William Allender Headstone William Bell (1836-1918) and Nancy Caroline Allinder Bell (1837-1900) William F and Ella Webster Allender Headstone
William H Akers 1856-1931 William Henry Allender headstone William R and Araminta Holland Allender headstone