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A page from Orcelia Howland Allender's Bible. Descendants of Greg Bonnifield Estate file cover for Robert Allender died June 1842 George Lashley and Margaret Allender were married in Belmont Co., Ohio October 1, 1829. George M Allender of Cambridge Ohio, Casualty of WWI John Elias Allender Birth Certificate John Washington Allender mini Biography from Tucker WV Book Joshua Allender and Mary Nixon marriage license Lawrence William Allender Marriage Certificate Lawrence William Allender's second marriage to Ella Mae Grayson Hartshorn.
Marriage Certificate Marriage Certificate John Elias Allander and Leona Freeland 1919, Wood County, West Virginia. Marriage list for Wm Allender and Ann Sollers 19 November 1788(line 16 hit Ctrl + to zoom) Nicholas Allender (deceased) release of slave girls, Sept 13, 1827, signed by Wm Allender, Thomas D Allender and Nicholas Allender Page 2 from Orcelia Howland Allender's Bible Press Gazette,Hillsboro, Ohio, March 15, 1963 Sims index to land grants in West Virginia, George Allender, et al Shaver's Fork 112 acres William Allender and Sarah Lashley Marriage Certificate, Belmont Co., Ohio William Taylor Allender and Ann Sollers marriage record Wm Taylor Allender Oath to Maryland 7 Feb 1778